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Tuber Machine


1) The size of the bag produced is relatively accurate and the deviation is small.

2) Control is convenient. Control the parameters directly by entering the corresponding parameters through the control panel.

Operating Conditions:

Working time: 22 hours / day

Design working environment temperature: 0 ~ 40 °C

Design working environment humidity: up to 95%

Model: ZT 8762 S


The Technical Parameters:

Bag length: 5 00 ~ 110 0 mm

A -shaped edge tube width: 370 ~ 620 mm

M -shaped edge tube width: ≤80 mm

Cutter: Step cut / straight cut

Number of layers: 4 paper + 1 film

Maximum production speed: 140 tubes / minute ( bag length : 780 ~ 820 mm )

Regular stable production speed: 80 ~ 120 strips / minute

Voltage and frequency: 380±10V 50H z

Equipment size: Without 4- color printing machine: 31 x 4.0 x 3.5 m

With 4- color printing machine: 35.7 x 4.0 x 3.5 m

Equipment weight: without 4- color printing machine: 32 tons

With 4- color printing machine: 36 tons

Total motor power: without 4- color printing machine: 34KW

With 4- color printing machine: 43KW;

Main Configuration (Servo Type)

ZTB006 Paper reel racks: 5 pcs个 (can produce 4 paper +1 film paper bags)

ZTC001 Layering mechanism: 1 set

ZTD001 Rectification mechanism: 1 set. Equipped with 4 units electronic rectification mechanisms, to

make the paper on the set position automatically.

ZTE102 Auxiliary driving mechanism: 1 set. Controlled by Schneider servo system, automatic tracking of

host speed

ZTE202 Horizontal perforation mechanism: 1 set. Controlled by Schneider servo system, automatically

tracking; flexible adjust the characters on control panel, such as cutting

length, sync area and non-synchronized area. And the depth of

perforation can be flexible adjusted need not to stop the machine; the

three sets cutters can be flexibly adjusted; to the right position.

ZTE302 Horizontal glue dotting mechanism: 1 set. Controlled by Schneider servo system. Automatically

tracking. The three sets of horizontal glue dotting system equipped with

speed difference adjustment function, it can adjust the dotting position

without stopping the machine;

ZTE402 Longitudinal glue brushing mechanism: 1 set. Controlled by Schneider servo system. Gluing by

track the mark with the average speed. Configured four sets of differential

motors adjust the rollers, can flexibly adjust the horizontal positioning of

each layer of paper

ZTF004 Tube forming mechanism: 1 set.

ZTG003 Main driving tearing off mechanism: 1 set. Equipped with two sets of main driving tearing off rubber rollers, which are controlled by Schneider servo motor and two adjustable cams

ZTH001 Counting, sorting out and outputting mechanism: 1 set

Electronic control system: 1 set ( Schneider)

A Touch operation screen - Schneider

B Control PLC - Schneider

C Frequency converter - Schneider

D Servo motor - Schneider

E Drive - Schneider Schneider, Germany

F Schneider F Servo motor cable, signal line - Schneider

G Main electric cabinet

Servo Tuber Machine

Option 1 : Four-color printing machine

Our own four-color printing machine is integrated with our Tuber Machine. The basic Tuber Machine is equipped with a basic four-color printing machine. The power is derived from the main motor on the machine. The shaft will transfer kinetic energy to the four-color printing machine,

Tuber Machine

which will drive the printing machine to move in parallel with the machine. The four-color servo printing machine has an independent servo motor as the power source, which is directly controlled by the control panel on the Tuber Machine and runs synchronously with the Tuber Machine.


Operating Conditions:

Working time: 22 hours / day

Working temperature: 0 ~ 40 °C

Working humidity: up to 95%

Model: Basic type: ZTA006 ( 400 mesh with scraper)

Servo type: ZTA008 ( 400 mesh with scraper)



In order to achieve full automation and intelligent management, in addition to the basic printing requirements of the product, a signal tracking mark used in the subsequent process is printed, and in the subsequent process, the cursor is captured by the sensor to automatically control the operation of the production. If you need to print on the first layer of the bag, better to purchase the printing machine together with the Tuber Machine to ensure smooth production and the bags’ quality.


Technical Parameters:

1240mm Maximum printing width: 1240mm

Printable color: 1 ~ 4 colors

Printing speed: synchronized with the machine

Printing type: flexo printing


Option 2 : Intermittent venting mechanism ZTE002

Application: When the raw material for paper bags is not high permeability, or the paper is not sufficiently breathable. In order to increase the air permeability, a intermittent venting mechanism is required. The intermittent venting/puncture mechanism of the basic type machine and the servo type machine both adopts a servo motor as the power source, and the kinetic energy is transmitted to the four sets of puncture units of the intermittent venting mechanism through the gear set, which can be independent. To make adjustments, it is necessary to control the intermittent venting mechanism to operate synchronously with the machine on the control panel at startup.

Tuber MachineTuber Machine

The Technical Parameters:

Specification: 5x5, 10x10, 15x15, 20x20, 25x25, 30x30;

Needle diameter: 0.5 ~ 2.0mm;

Puncture area: 0 ~ 100% ;

Increased length to the Tuber Machine: 1.8 meters

Power: 4.75KW (independent servo motor)

Weight: 1.9 tons


Option 3: M-shaped Edge Mechanism ZTF002

Application: Option equipment to the Servo Tuber Machine, to make tubes with M-shaped Edge.


Option 4: Servo Straight Cut Mechanism ZTG004

Application: Option equipment to the Servo Tuber Machine, to make tubes with straight cutting.

What is A Tuber Machine?

The tuber machine is a versatile and high-performance solution designed for the efficient production of bags, including sewing bags and valve bags. With precise bag length control and easy parameter adjustment, this machine offers an array of benefits to meet your bag production needs.