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Basic Type Tube Machine test

The machine is mainly used to produce tubes. And then next to produce sewing bags or valve bags.

Generally, the Tuber Machine is not equipped with a printer, unless the customer orders it separately. We offer a four-color printing machine with a scraper as a option to ensure good print quality.

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Bottomer Machine

The Tuber Machine only produce tubes, if need to produce valve bags, then Bottomer Machine is needed. The tubes are reworked by opening the bottom on each end, folding, gluing, compacting and finally form a complete valve bag on the Bottomer Machine. It is an indispensable device for the production of valve bags. HD 8916 is Ahd  mainly used to produce cement bags and mortar bags. 

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External Reinforcement Two-color Printing Machine

Equipped with the external reinforcement two-color printing machines on the bottom machine, mainly for printing on the external reinforcing paper, to make the paper bag more beautiful. They are usually in pairs, one on each side.

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External Reinforcement Two-color Printing Machine - products
Company Profile

Company Profile

Tecon Package Machinery Co., Ltd was founded in 1983, at that time just used two simple tuber machines and sewing machines to produce stitching kraft paper bags. Because of the high breakage rate of stitching bags leading to wear and tear of bags in storage and transport for our customers, we chose to use valve bags which has lower breakage rate, higher packing speed, less wearing and tear during storage and transport, lower cost, more accurate printing. In 1995, Tecon Company developed the first automatic Bottomer Machine successfully and turn into actual production.

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Our company constantly work on innovating to keep in step with the times. We have developed a series of high-tech products, such as Valve Paper Making Machine with servo system, internal and external strengthen, internal and external valve, paper-plastic valve and Big S compacting machine.



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