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The Main function

Same as Bottomer Machine HD8916, the tubes are reworked by opening the bottom on each end, folding, gluing, compacting and finally form a complete valve bag on the Bottomer Machine. It is an indispensable device for the production of valve bags. HD 8918 is Ahd mainly used to produce wide-bottom chemical bags.


Operating Conditions:

Working time: 22 hours / day

Design working environment temperature: 0 ~ 40 °C

Design working environment humidity: up to 95%

Working voltage: 380±10V 50Hz


The Technical Parameters:

Bag length: 380 ~ 825 mm

Bag width: 350 ~ 550 mm

Bottom width: 90 ~ 175 mm

Bag center distance: 290 ~ 650 mm

Flake valve length: 120 ~ 250 mm

Conventional Production speed: 60 ~ 80 / min

Equipment size (minimum configuration) : 26 x 5.0 x 2.1 m

Equipment weight (minimum configuration) : 32 tons

Total motor power (minimum configuration) : 34 KW;

Bottom Machine



HDA003 Feeding mechanism : 1 set.

Equipped with rotary roller feeding system. The small rollers rotate around the big roller, at the same time, feeding to the self-rotating adsorption, 8 rolls of paper can be loaded on one roll of the big roller )


HDB003 Sorting out and perforation mechanism : 1 set:

A. To ensure accurate positioning of the conveyor, equipped with 3 sets of timing belts with baffles and conveyor belts, Automatic positioning when has speed difference;

B. Equipped with 45 ° angular pressure oblique device, this device comes with a differential mechanism, can adjust the embossing position without stop the machine;

C. Equipped the center distance indentation device;

D. Equipped with longitudinal cutting device to the bottom of the flat cutting bag.


HDC002 Opening & horn flattening mechanism : 1 set:

A. Equipped with a opening device with a linear slide base, can also be flexibly adjusted to get the right position by turning the handwheel.

B. Equipped with horn opening device with the waiting function. Turn the two handwheels separately can control the position and waiting time of the horn open system;


HDD003 Transitional mechanism : 1 set.

Equipped with four sets of detection electric eyes to check whether the bottom of the paper bag is normally opened.


HDE003 Flake valve mechanism : 1 set.

A. Equipped with the whole unit differential adjustment device, can adjust the paper sticking position without stopping the machine.

B. can be attached to the internal valve port or external valve port

C. can be attached to the paper plus film misalignment valve port


HDE008 Bottom-closing & gluing mechanism: 1 set.

A. Equipped with the indentation device of bottom width marking ;

B. Equipped with the glue differential device to adjust the glue position without stopping the machine.


HDF004 Bag forming mechanism: 1 set:

Equipped with Adjustable forming device, flexible adjustment of paper bag width, no need to replace core plate


HDG009 Bottom revising mechanism: 1 set.

Equipped with two modes of Bottom revising device,the bottom of the bag can be turned up or down


HDH001 Compaction and counting mechanism: 1 set.

Equipped with precise counting device, paper bag stacking and separating device

HDJ001 Outputting mechanism : 1 set

Electronic control system: 1 set:

A. Touch operation screen - Kunlun

B. Control PLC - Siemens

C. Frequency converter - Delta

D. The main electric cabinet

Vacuum pump: 1 set


Options to HD8918: same as HD8916, size different, model different, others are same.

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