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What is Tuber Machine?

The tuber machine is one of the essential machines in the cement bags manufacturing process. It is mainly used for sewing bags or valve bags based on simple bags. A four-color cement bag printing machine with a scraper is equipped in the tuber machine, to ensure print quality. Generally, there is no press in the Tecon tuber machine.

Cement Bag Making Machine Wholesale

Two models of tuber machines are available in Tecon. They are regarded as the symbols of the Tecon’s technology fruit. Both of them offer the following advantages:

●Precision in Bag Size

Tecon’s cement bag making machine equipment has a remarkable accuracy in bag production. The machine consistently delivers bags of the intended size with minimal deviation. This precision is crucial for businesses aiming to meet specific packaging requirements and maintain a consistent product presentation.

●Adaptable to Varied Environments

Tecon understands the diverse working conditions industries may face. Tecon's cement bag making machine equipment is designed to operate seamlessly within a temperature range of 0 to 40 °C, making it suitable for different climates. Additionally, its tolerance for humidity levels of up to 95% ensures adaptability to varying environmental conditions.

●Extended Operational Hours

For businesses that prioritize continuous production, Tecon's cement bag making machine is a reliable partner. With a recommended working time of 22 hours per day, the cement bag making machine is built to handle demanding production schedules. This extended operational capability contributes to increased output and overall productivity.

Investing in Tecon's cement bag making machine is a strategic move for businesses aiming to enhance their packaging operations. As industries evolve, having reliable and advanced machinery becomes increasingly vital, and Tecon's offering proves to be a reliable solution for those in the cement packaging sector.

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