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If you want to produce valve bags for your products, the bottomer machine is a necessity. The bottom sealing machine is used for forming a complete valve bag. The bottom sealing machine would open the bottom of the tube on each end, folding, gluing, and compacting. In Tecon, two types of bottomer machines are available. The one is HD 8918 which is used for producing wide-bottom chemical bags. The other one is HD 8916 which is mainly used for producing cement bags and mortar bags.

Valve Bag Making Machine for Sale - Tecon

If you are looking for reliable cement bag making machine suppliers, Tecon would be your ideal partner. Tecon one of the most innovative valve bag making machine suppliers in China and has a long history in the manufacturing of the cement bag making machine. Here are main advantages of cooperating with Tecon:

●Quality Takes Center Stage

Tecon's new management team places paramount importance on quality, steering the company towards a trajectory where success is intertwined with a commitment to excellence. The ethos is clear – survival depends on quality, development hinges on service, and efficiency is a byproduct of effective management. Tecon's dedication to quality assurance ensures that each bottomer machine is a testament to precision, reliability, and superior performance.

●Innovations and Patents Galore

Tecon's prowess in innovation is underscored by its impressive portfolio of over fifty inventions and patents. The company's relentless pursuit of technological advancements has positioned it as a frontrunner in the industry. The recognition as a national high and new technology enterprise in 2012 is a testament to Tecon's unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of paper bag manufacturing.

●Spacious and Clean Production Environment

Tecon's commitment to excellence extends beyond its products to its production environment. With a sprawling facility covering an expansive 8000 m2, Tecon ensures a spacious and clean atmosphere conducive to innovation and precision manufacturing. Located strategically with a mere 30-minute distance to Guangzhou and an hour to Guangzhou Airport, Tecon's production facility is seamlessly integrated into the broader economic landscape.

●Investing in Tecon's Bottomer Machine: A Strategic Choice

For investors seeking a strategic foothold in the burgeoning paper bag manufacturing sector, Tecon's Bottomer Machine emerges as the epitome of reliability and efficiency. The servo system, internal and external strengthen, and innovative features like paper-plastic valve and Big S compacting machine set Tecon apart in the market.

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