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What Is Tuber Machine & Bottomer Machine?

As time goes by, more and more developing countries become focusing on infrastructural projects. And the need for cement also increases. Then, the package of the cement also gets attention as the demand increases. It is because the cement would get leakage when the bag breaks.  For the cement suppliers, the leakage of cement would greatly increase the cost and affect their business. Therefore, it is important to use a durable cement bag. In this post, the author would introduce the latest cement paper bag making machine ---- tuber and bottomer machine.

What is Tuber Machine?

Tuber machines are one of the types of machinery for producing cerement bags. In addition to making the initial cement bag, it also is able to sew bags or valve bags on the basic of the simple bags. The tuber machine needs to work with the bottomer machine to manufacture the whole complete cement bag.

What is A Bottomer Machine?

During cement bags manufacturing process, the bottomer machine is used to reprocess the initial bags produced by the tuber machine. The Bottomer machine sucks open, folds, glues, pastes the bottom, and compacts both ends (bottom) of the initial cement bag to make a complete valve bag.

Information on Cement Bag Making Machine

As above mentioned, the tuber and bottomer machines are two machines to produce cement bags. In this section, the author would take Tecon’s products to illustrate their features of them and let you get a further understanding of them.

Working Conditions

First, due to the advanced structure design, the tuber and bottomer machines can work 22 hours a day. To ensure the performance, they require the working temperature to range from 0 to 40-degree centigrade and working relative humidity to be 95% at maximum.

Main Configuration

In Tecon, two models are available in each type of machines ---- basic model and the high-end model.

●In the basic mode, the tuber machine includes 5 paper reel racks, 1 set layering mechanism, 1 set rectification mechanism, 1 set auxiliary driving mechanism, 1 set horizontal perforation mechanism, 1 set horizontal glue dotting mechanism. 1 set longitudinal glue brushing mechanism, 1 set tube forming mechanism, 1 set main driving tearing off mechanism, 1 set counting, sorting out and outputting mechanism, and 1 set electronic control system.

●The basic bottom seal bag making machine usually includes 1 set feeding mechanism, 1 set sorting out and perforation mechanism, 1 set opening & horn flattening mechanism, 1 set transitional mechanism, 1 set flake valve mechanism, 1 set bottom-closing & gluing mechanism, 1 set bag forming mechanism, 1 set bottom revising mechanism, 1 set compaction and counting mechanism, 1 set of output mechanism, and 1 set vacuum pump.
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Cement Bag Making Machine: Where to Buy?

If you are finding the best cement bag making machine to manufacture cement bags for sale, you could find Tecon. Established in 1983, Tecon put all its effort into designing, developing, and producing cement bag manufacturing machines. In 1995, Tecon successfully developed the first automatic bottomer machine in China and implement it into actual production. In the following years, Tecon also constantly works on innovating to keep in step with the times. Tecon has developed a series of high-tech products, such as a valve paper making machine with a servo system, internal and external strengthen, internal and external valve, paper-plastic valve, and big s compacting machine.


All in all, a good package could prevent cement leaks and let workers transport the cement easier. If you are a cement bag supplier and seeking the most advanced kraft paper cement bag-making machine, you could contact Tecon. Tecon is a cement bag making machine manufacturer, offering a wide range of well-designed folder gluer machine, bottom seal bag making machine, pp cement bag making machine, valve bag making machine, etc.