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Who Needs an Automatic Folder Gluer Machine?

Automatic folder gluer machines are a vital component of modern manufacturing and packaging processes. These versatile machines are designed to streamline the process of folding and gluing cardboard and paperboard materials, making them a cornerstone of the packaging industry.
In this post, the author would give a brief introduction about automatic folder gluer machine.

What is An Automatic Folder Gluer Machine?

Automatic folder gluer machines, often referred to as folder gluers, are specialized equipment used in the final stage of packaging production.
These machines are designed to fold and glue cardboard or paperboard materials, transforming them into various types of packaging, such as boxes, cartons, and folders.

The primary function of a folder gluer is to take flat, pre-cut sheets of material and turn them into functional, folded, and glued products.

How Much Does a Folder Gluer Cost?

The cost of an automatic folder gluer machine can vary significantly depending on its features, capabilities, and production capacity.
Basic models can be found in the range of $20,000 to $50,000, while more advanced and high-speed machines can surpass $300,000 or even more.

The price is influenced by factors such as the machine's speed, the type of materials it can handle, the number of folding and gluing points it can accommodate, and the level of automation it offers. If you want to know the precise price, you can contact Tecon to get a price list.

It's essential to consider your specific production needs and budget when choosing a folder gluer. A higher initial investment in a more advanced machine can lead to significant cost savings in the long run due to increased productivity and efficiency.

Who Needs an Automatic Folder Gluer Machine?

You can find automatic folder gluer machine in various industry. In this section, the author would list who needs an automatic folder gluer machine.

Packaging Manufacturers

automatic folder gluer machines are a necessity for companies involved in packaging manufacturing. Whether you produce corrugated boxes, cartons, or other packaging materials, a folder gluer can enhance your production process by automating the folding and gluing stages.

Printers and Print Finishing Companies

Printers and print finishing companies that provide custom packaging solutions can benefit from folder gluers to streamline their processes and meet client demands efficiently.

E-commerce Businesses

E-commerce companies frequently require customized packaging for their products. An automatic folder gluer machine can help them create unique and branded packaging, which is vital for customer experience and brand recognition.

Food and Beverage Industry

Producers of food and beverage packaging, such as cereal boxes or drink cartons, rely on folder gluers to meet the strict quality and safety standards of their products.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical companies use automatic folder gluer machines to create packaging for medications, ensuring that the products are safe and secure for consumers.

What is The Use of An Automatic Folder Gluer Machine?

The applications of automatic folder gluer machines are wide-ranging and extend to various industries. Here are some of the key uses of these machines:

Box Manufacturing

The primary use of folder gluers is in the production of cardboard boxes and cartons. They can create boxes of various sizes and styles, including straight-line, crash-lock bottom, and 4/6-corner boxes.

Folding Carton Production

In the printing and packaging industry, folder gluers are indispensable for manufacturing folding cartons used in product packaging. These cartons can be found in various sectors, from cosmetics to electronics.

Pharmaceutical Packaging

Folder gluers are instrumental in creating packaging for pharmaceutical products, ensuring that medication boxes meet stringent safety and quality standards.

Food Packaging

The food and beverage industry relies on folder gluers for creating packaging solutions that preserve the freshness and integrity of food products.

Custom Packaging

Many businesses, especially e-commerce companies, require customized packaging to enhance their brand identity. Folder gluers enable the efficient production of branded and unique packaging.

Envelopes and Mailers

In addition to boxes and cartons, folder gluers are used in producing envelopes and mailers, which are essential for various industries, including postal services and direct mail marketing.


Automatic folder gluer machines have revolutionized the packaging industry by significantly improving efficiency, precision, and the ability to create customized packaging solutions.

While the initial investment can be substantial, the long-term benefits of increased productivity and reduced production costs make these machines a valuable asset for businesses across various sectors.