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How To Calculate Cement Bags Per Cubic Meter?

When your pass by the construction process, you may wonder how they mix the concrete and how to determine the ratio of the cement they need. In this post, the author would teach you calculate cement bags needed and introduce you the use of bottom sealing machine.

What Is the Ratio of One Cement and Sand?

In the current situation, the safest and ideal cement mix ratio for all kinds of concrete used for different construction purposes is 1:2:4. In other words, the ideal mixture should contain 1 part of cement, 2 parts of sand, and 4 parts of crushed stones.

How to Calculate Cement Bags Per Cubic Meter?

First, we need to calculate the volume of the cement bags. Then, the density of cement is typically 1440kg/cum and a standard cement bag has 50kg weight. Then the volume of 1 bag of cement is equal to 50/1440 whose result is 0.0347 cum.

When comes to calculating cement bags needed per cubic meter, you need to consider the mixture. To build a reliable building, cement is not the only thing you use. And, the nominal mix is 1:2:4. Considering the water use and the loss of cement, the output of the mix is considered 67%. In order to achieve 1 cum output, the 1/0.67 = 1.49 say 1.50 cum dry mix is needed. And, we also need to consider the loss of cement. Then, the (1.50+0.02) say 1.52 dry mixture is needed.

The volume of cement = (cement/cement+sand+aggregate) x total material

To calculate how many cement bags per cubic meter needed, following this step:
Volume of cement Needed/ volume of 1 bag cement = 0.2171/0.0347= 6.25 ≈7
Therefore, 7 cement bags are needed in 1 cubic meter.

Cement Bag Making Machine How it Works?

First, the cement bags are made from paper pulp, which is pressed into flat sheets or rolls of paper. Then, these pressed paper sheets would be cut to size. Then, the cement bag making machine would fold these cut sheets and glue the two parallel open sides together. By the way, in the past, cement bag manufacturers usually seal the bag by stitching. Due to the high breakage rate of stitching bags, the sealing of the cement has developed and can be achieved by gluing or heating, and pressing.

The Use of Bottom Sealing Machine?

As above mentioned, the cement bags need to be sealed to form a standard cement bag. Then, in the bag-making industry, the bottom seal bag making machine is necessary. The technology the bottom seal bag making machine uses could almost determine the quality of the bag. It is because the bad sealing on the bottom of the bag can cause the leakage of the cement.
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The function of bottom seal bag making machine

The tubes in the bottom seal bag making machine are reworked by opening the bottom on each end, folding, gluing, compacting, and finally forming a complete valve bag on the Bottomer Machine. It is an indispensable device for the production of valve bags. HD 8918 is Ahd mainly used to produce wide-bottom chemical bags.

Last Thought

To get the right volume of cement you need, you need to rightly to grasp the unit conversion. And, if you want to get a good mixture for your project, you could follow the 1:2:4 which is the safest and ideal cement mix ratio for all kinds of concrete.