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Without Fear, Braves return in triumph

----Tecon's all staff warmly welcome the brave colleagues who went to Algeria return home.
On October 5th, 2021, the Tecon’s engineering team going to Algeria for the installation and alignment of the machines, returns to works smoothly, after finishing the isolation following the national epidemic prevention policy.
Zhang Hao, the general manager of Tecon, leads all staff to warmly welcome the team returned home in triumph. At the same time, he gives bunches of flowers and bonus to the braves. Also, he concernedly asking the state of physical and mental, and the difficulties they face.
In late May 2021, under the severe situation of the epidemic at home and abroad, Tecon worries about what customers worry about, thinks about what the customer thinks about, and tries its best to overcome the difficulties to adhere to the spirit of the contract. Under these beliefs, Tecon organizes the elite technical team to fly to Algeria, and timely finishes the installation and alignment of mechanical equipment for customers, for the purpose of putting machines into production and operation as soon as possible.
During the work in Algeria, Tecon completes the installation and alignment in advance with a high standard technical level and high work efficiency and trains the technical staff for customers to help customers successfully putting the machines into production.
Affected by multiple factors----the epidemic in Algeria is getting worse, the fusing command is working, and so on, the team’s return trip was postponed several times. However, under the severe situation of the epidemic, Tecon's engineer team shows the high technical level and the professional dedication of Tecon to customers during their work in Algeria, which also demonstrates the self-confidence of “Made in China” and is highly recognized and praised by foreign customers.

Tecon’s all staff warmly welcome engineers come back home

General Manager gives bonus to the engineers

Tecon’s all staff warmly welcome the colleagues who went to Algeria come back to work.

Tecon’s engineers work together with the client's employees